I went to the Fayette Co animal shelter, to get a dog, when I came across a dog that looked so bad ,that I had to take him home with me. He was to be put to sleep the following day.  And as he was sick I took him right to the vet. After a short time he was well and happy. I've had him for nine years (as of 10/00) ,he was about eight month old when I got him. But it's only been recently that I found out that he is Bearded Collie.  I had  him altered, I never knew what he was, and I have never heard of that  breed, until a man walking down the street stop and told me what he was. So I looked it up on the computer and sure enough all they say, and the photos of the Beardies I could swear that the one photo was him. 

I'm just so happy with him as a friend, and I think at times ( Boy I wish my kids would be as good as he is ) All this time I  have been calling him a mutt, but no matter I still love him.. I am stuck on
Bearded Collies now too.  All our family is on there own, so the ( Tramp) is now our baby.

Image Copyright AL McClinton Sr.
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